“Paul told me exactly the information that I was looking for; he was also completely upfront, honest and transparent in telling me my situation and what I needed to do. This was very much appreciated, many thanks.”
Mike M, 09/06/16

“I found myself in a situation where I had to appoint a legal executive as I was being taken to court by my ex-partner over contact arrangements with our child. Warrens was recommended to me by a friend therefore I contacted them and was able to speak to someone about my case immediately. The legal executive who I spoke to was Emma Macdonald. Not only did she handle my case professionally, she also offered invaluable advice. The support that I have received from both Emma and Warrens has been exceptional, they have made a difficult situation bearable which is more than I could have asked for. If I need to use a legal executive again then I will definitely use Emma. Thank you for your help”
Miss D, 26/04/16

“To have my children living with me permanently. Paul helped me gain custody of my children leading to them living with me until they are 18 years of age. Yes I have seen the outcome I was hoping for and forever grateful for Pauls help. What could they have done better? I don’t think anything more needed doing as Paul was confident of the outcome throughout the court process”
Mr G, 27/03/16

“When I first went to see Paul Summerbell at Warrens about my case, I had no idea that it was to be the beginning of such a long and complicated case. Throughout the entirety of the case, whatever difficulties arose, speaking to Paul Summerbell left me feeling reassured and confident that everything would eventually work out for the best. I was always given consistent, strong and good advice in a clear and calm way. I felt supported throughout and during the whole case and felt my matters were always dealt with professionally and efficiently.The outcome of my case was better than I could have possibly hoped for and I would not hesitate to recommend Paul Summerbell”

“I want to thank you again, Paul, for taking on my case. I am very satisfied with the results you have achieved out of what to me had become a very acrimonious and complicated separation from my ex-husband. Your tenacity, professionalism and ingenuity has finally paid off and has achieved a very satisfactory result. As testimony, I would like to say that the complicated and acrimonious separation from my ex-husband became unmanageable particularly after receiving little encouragement and reassurance from a local firm of solicitors. A friend recommended that I contact Warren’s Law and Advocacy where I was introduced to Mr Paul Summerbell. Mr Summerbell’s tenacity and professionalism in the face of persistent obstruction at the hands of my ex finally paid off. I can only say how grateful I am for a successful outcome, which would never have been achieved without his legal expertise.”
Mrs W

“I would like to thank Paul Summerbell and his team for all the advice and assistance I have received since filing for divorce. Throughout my case Paul has conducted his business in a very professional manner, his prompt attention to all correspondence has been exemplary. With second to none negotiation skills and knowledge along with his honesty, I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.”
Ms J

“What can I say about Maxine? Maxine is not only an amazing solicitor but also a very warm and perceptive person. The moment I walked into the Warrens offices for a 30 minutes free initial consultation, I had no intention of taking on more financial burdens by instructing a solicitor – I just wanted know what should I do next. Maxine not only listened but also heard what background story I was trying to convey. She was able to pinpoint, in what was a very messy story, why was I at wits ends.She worked outside of the 9 to 5 office hours. She was always at the end of an email. I felt understood by Maxine every step of the way. I knew she completely appreciated my concerns and she also helped me accept a few things I didn’t feel comfortable with. Maxine is an extremely professional person, very kind and warm, ready to offer reassurance and support that’s needed. I was very lucky to get to work with her given the circumstances that I was faced with. No matter how many “Thank you’s” I say they will never be enough.”
Ms R

“I would totally recommend Maxine because she is quick, professional and she is always keeping the customer’s wishes and needs first. She always kept my target up to date with my situation. She deals very confidentially and discreetly. She made me feel secure during the whole process and she gave me confidence to finish my divorce. She clearly gives good detailed information about courts and she knows what to do. She always finds time to help her clients even if that has to be a quick phone conversation. She acts quickly in any situation. She is a very kind, helpful, professional and most importantly experienced solicitor who is great when YOU need help.”
Ms M

“I instructed Maxine Buck in 2014 to support me in litigation. I found Maxine to be knowledgeable and diligent throughout the process. Her approach is proactive and her passion is evident. She was able to deliver winning applications and statements, and has been invaluable in providing ongoing guidance, legal expertise and direction in my case, sometimes out of hours. Maxine was fully supportive and I would recommend her to anyone seeking clear instruction and ‘matter of fact’ opinion.”
Ms C

“I needed some help and advice at what was a very traumatic period of my life. The advice and assistance I received was extremely helpful and accurate… throughout the process I was kept up to date as to what was happening. At the end of the day matters were brought to a successful conclusion for all parties concerned.”
Mr G

“I was very pleased with your service”
Mr C

“Emma has supported me through a stressful relationship breakdown. She has given me great advice and the help that I needed. She is very approachable and easy to talk to. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Miss B

“I was extremely happy with Maxine Buck, she was helpful, friendly and approachable. The outcome to my case was all I could have hoped for and Maxine Buck was very professional and quick to respond to queries etc, she understood exactly what the issues were and advised accordingly, she couldn’t have done any more then she did.”
Mrs M

“I found all staff to be friendly, helpful and polite towards me either in person or on the telephone. Emma Macdonald explained and guided me through all the court proceedings and relevant paperwork thoroughly giving me encouragement and understanding of this new experience. She was kind, friendly, patient and sympathetic to my questions and inquiries. Yet always professional. I had total faith in Emma and she helped me believe in myself ready to stand up in court.”
Miss J

“Since I filed for divorce two years ago, I have received excellent service with consistent and comprehensive professional advice along the way. In addition, I have been given emotional support in a legal process which has often proved to be rather stressful and upsetting. This combination of professional expertise and compassionate understanding of the personal effect a divorce case has on one’s life in general has been invaluable to me and is very much appreciated”